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About Us

We are a fully-integrated Event Management, Promotional Marketing and Public Relations agency that strives to provide each of our clients with strategic initiatives that achieve positive results and surpass goals.

Our management team has a proven track record that spans over 32 years, working with clients who represent some of Canada's leading corporations and foundations. Our passion and dedication to excellence has led us to enjoy long-standing relationships with several of our clients.

About Us: TeamMember

Meet Our Team

SWI believes in building on our client's existing brand positioning and maximizing the exposure for our clients' marketing efforts. We offer an interdisciplinary roster of talented and dedicated staff, active and immersed in their respective disciplines. Combining diverse perspectives, insights and expertise from a broad range of backgrounds provides us with access to knowledge and best practices that stimulate creative ways of thinking, operating and communicating in our rapidly changing economy.

Our customized team approach reflects the individual requirements of specific projects built to create regenerative strategic, tactical and impactful solutions. SWI is committed to creating powerful, implementable strategies that engage stakeholders.


Joel Hock

President & CEO


Shawn Moscoe

Vice President


Cristiana Baleanu



Lorraine Quartaro

Director of Communications


Luciana Torres

Event and Marketing Manager


Jake Konorty

Partnership and Marketing Manager

FOTO DE PERFIL_edited.jpg

Maria Queiroga

 Digital Marketing Coordinator

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