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The current state of the world and COVID-19 restrictions have forced everyone to utilize digital video conferencing methods to communicate with remote employees, clients and vendors. 


Current online communication methods used by most organizations/law firms are some form of WebEx, private Zoom or password protected video calls. None of these platforms provide any branding opportunities, have any high perceived value, or possess any broadcast capabilities. There is zero customization ability to include the firm’s branding, client’s branding, or enhanced employee communication. 

What is The Law Forum?

• Extreme Solutions has created the ‘LiveCGI Law Forum Boardroom’ a completely customizable boardroom broadcast centre capable of including:

• Company logo

• Company Colours

• Mission Statement

• Company Imagery (i.e. reception area)

• Branding opportunities to create

office-like imagery that mirrors firms

(i.e. paintings, decor, amenities, etc.)

• Taped video messaging

• Multiple still photo placements

• Live green screen host communication

• Unlimited private viewership off of a private broadcast channel

• Live streaming communication

• Ability of multiple hosts to interact with one another within platform (up to 3 streams at a time)

• Dedicated boardroom curator to work production and integration

• High quality imagery and video fly-by motion creates the ultimate

experience, ensuring employees,

clients, and vendors are most engaged with the content on display, given the impressive detail of the virtual boardroom broadcast studio

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• Platform Use:

• To customize the LiveCGI Law Forum Boardroom, 30-day access

$7,500.00 USD

• Customization:

• Uploading production, all content to create the customized look and feel of the boardroom

• All content to be provided by client and given to Extreme Solutions and production team

$2,500.00 USD

• All event run-of-show (Production, streaming, etc.) and changes to boardroom TBD

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The LiveCGI Law Forum Boardroom utilizes a broadcast quality video platform currently being used by Time Magazine and the NBA.

• Green screen streaming a host into the studio remotely:

• LiveCGI TIME Inc. Studio Tour: 

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